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House Rules 5e

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The current year is 1565 KR, dating from the beginning of Kovichir's Reign. The veytikka of Balioth assuredly have their own dating system, but they seem generally inclined to either use the Sestomeran dating system or date things from the arrival of Sestomerans to Balioth.


1565 KR: Current year. The game begins on the first day of March. (Months might get renamed, if I feel inspired.)


1564 KR: Beginning in the autumn, Morisceth became cut off from the rest of Dalassiria, as a result of the dangers of Shahar Passage.


1555 KR: Tyrema enters a long period of hostility, though not open war, with Gallmonte.


1553 KR: Annask Tioral destroys the Eye of Ychirra. Many beruch flee Erenn Kemesa, sailing eastward until they come to Balioth. They are treated with cautious respect.


1552 KR: A significant peasant uprising in the province of Knightsgrave, in Berrona.


1550 KR: Nianth completes construction of the Rubycrest Alchemists' Guildhouse, in Pereil. Nianth has not been seen since that day.


1546 KR: Solomon Edrall creates the Stone of Torment. He and his servant Tagraz enter the Stone, and emerge again after seven days - having been transformed into a lich and a death knight, respectively.


1545 KR: Parthala performs the ritual that creates the first Parthé. Many believe that she intends to use them to unseat Var Dyrak.


1538 KR: Var Dyrak drives the Solemn Watchers, a doomsday cult, from their tower in Merestine. He claims the tower for his own and begins inducting new recruits to the Tiger's Claw.


1536 KR: Kheryna carries out a coup d'etat against her father, the ruler of Navender. She exiles him the Teeth, in Kaldeshar.


1460 KR: Peace is restored across Balioth after two generations of warfare.


1423 KR: Saivel conquers and annexes Eksoris. A significant resistance forms, known in the popular imagination as Tarimel's Defiance, even though (as far as anyone knows) there is no Tarimel. Saivel's chief advisor, Phoeras 


1416 KR: Saivel the Great of Rindaria attempts to ascend the throne of Ferradona as well. The Iron Temple opposes her, while the Sovereign Knights of the Council Fire support her. She gains the throne, and with the strength of the two domains combined, she begins her bloody wars of conquest, beginning with Eksoris and Dalassiria (who had formed an alliance against her).


1412 KR: The major powers of Sestomera fall to fighting among themselves. Over the next forty-eight years, the provinces are divided into fifteen domains.


1385 KR: The conquest of Balioth is functionally complete, though it is so sparsely inhabited by the people of Sestomera that they cannot seriously be said to have explored it - something which remains true to the present day.


1359 KR: Humans, kagandi, and Sestomeran veytikka first came to Balioth, from the southern continent of Sestomera. They found small tribes of indigenous veytikka - to their surprise, speaking flawless Veyti despite living in more desperate conditions than even the veytikka of Sestomera. A continent-wide conquest began, with the humans and kagandi driving back the giants and their Gorgrom servants, and allying with the local veytikka tribes. The Cursewardens become widely recognized during this time, and induct many new members into their order.


976 KR: The Immortal Emperor abdicates the throne of Sestomera, ending some 49 generations of rule. There have been sightings of him since, but none of them have been conclusively confirmed. He is believed to wander the world in disguise, but he can be recognized (so they say) by his glowing green eyes. (He is a kagandi.) 


895 KR: Zereysa creates Zereysa's Star and founds the Sovereign Knights of Dyvarach (a Sestomeran province).


1 KR: The Immortal Emperor Kovichir unites the warring domains of Sestomera, as he marries an Imperial Princess (and heir apparent) of one rival. Another rival, exhausted and near collapse from generations of warfare, accepts a position on the High Council in exchange for bending the knee. A decade after his death, that rival is canonized as a saint of Talend, for choosing his obligations to his subjects over his own hubris.


(-460 KR): The War of Fallen Towers ends in a lasting peace. Many humans now live in domains ruled by kagandi, and vice versa. This is the last time that humans and kagandi fight for reasons of race. Part of the war's end (now forgotten outside of ancient texts) comes from angelic vistation, as the messengers of the gods conclusively show the major religious leaders of the world that the gods recognize humans, kagandi, and veytikka as equals.


(Approx -560 KR): The extended peace between the humans and the kagandi ends in the War of Fallen Towers.


(-1239 KR): Humans and veytikka meet kagandi for the first time, although all of these races appear in the myths of the others.


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