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Domain-Level Map




Pereil (Atramyr's Crown)

     Thundering Cliffs, Frozen Shore, Whaler's Haven, Old Flint, Rubycrest

Ferradona (Perch of the Falcon)

     Darrowfaust, Boar Island, Palamas, Iron Badlands, Merrionbard, The Southerlies (islands)

Rindaria (Dauvi's Lamp)

     Devil's Hill, Suralinn, Dynne Rath

Merestine (Martyr's Bells)

     Baydon's Grace, Cardysse Hills, Redvale

Aiverny (Garden of the West)

     Mazewater, Baelohar

Dalassiria (Angel's Thorn)


Eksoris (Tarimel's Chariot)

     Moonmount, Barleyfield, Widow's Moor

Hullorne (Arch of Rowan)

     Winterly Lowlands, Stag's Thicket, Gray Ramparts

Louthlin (Lyria's Crucible)

     Yarrowgreen, Barda Riga

Kinterowa (Hawklin's Hall)

     Stormridge, Arandune

Navender (Kanieva's Lock)

     Osprey Bay, Valdam, Lower Valdam, Sentinel Reach

Berrona (Starfall Abbey)

     Riverstone, Knightsgrave, Jelden's Mount

Kaldeshar (Morried's Jewel)

     Council Fire Fortress, Sintebard, The Teeth

Gallmonte (Shining Wheel)

     Highsails, Eldion, Far Eldion

Tyrema (Vindyx's Harvest)

     Sandpiper Island, Sunrise Point, Tyrema Ridge






Mar Kandol





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